Welcome to the Journey of Lily Rivers

Lily is an enchanting spirit bursting with positive energy and good vibes to enhance any event.

Brought up in a family heavily influenced by the creative arts, Lily naturally was drawn towards music from an early age. Following her degree in Cultural Studies Lily worked for MTV whilst completing her Masters in Cinematography at the University of Arts London. With a modest beginning in DJ'ing Lily started with small bars and private parties around London. After being advised to showcase her talent online she instantly broke into number 9 spot in the global Mixcloud charts with her set. Lily immediately gained recognition from influential icons in the music industry as well as being approached by HouseFM for her own weekly radio show. Not long after at one of her London sets, she was scouted by Let There Be House and has since become the official Resident DJ for the label.

In recent times whilst paving her own path and staying authentic to herself, 2017 has seen major growth in Lilys career. This includes featuring in Mixmag Magazine, Ministry of Sound, Egg London, ADE Festival, RinseFM, EDEN Ibiza, MoonDance Festival, 51st State Festival and many other International gigs including Ibiza, Dubai and Morocco. Finishing off the year Lily Rivers can announce her new weekly residency on Ibiza Global Radio.

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